The Writer’s Legal Companion: The Complete Handbook For The Working Writer, Third Edition

The Writer’s Legal Companion: The Complete Handbook For The Working Writer, Third Edition

For most writers, negotiating the legal maze of publishing is as challenging as getting their words in print. This comprehensive guide offers writers solid advice on all aspects of publishing law. Candid and readable, it cover everything from copyrights and taxes to libel laws, subsidiary rights, and the obscure clauses in publisher’s contracts. As important resource for editors, agents, or anyone in print or electronic publishing, this updated third edition of The Writer’s Legal Companion features essential, irreplacable information on: publishing contracts, good and bad clauses libel, slander, and invasion of privacy issues electronic rights conditions the business of publishing, including marketing and selling books magazine publishing collaboration and agents’ agreements federal income tax considerations for freelance writers copyright legalities Whether you write an occasional magazine article or publish a new book every year, The Writers Legal Companion will save you time, and reduce you anxiety over the business of publishing. Review
This is a fantastic reference for writers interested–and all should be–in legal issues concerning contracts, collaboration, agents, defamation, copyright, taxes, and high-tech publishing. Authors Brad Bunnin and Peter Beren have written this guide with such style and clarity that you might find yourself reading it, rather than just consulting it. But that’s okay: you can’t help but feel empowered by having read such a thorough and, when appropriate, opinionated text. Consider, for instance, the book’s first chapter, "The Publishing Contract." Contrary to what publishers tell you, Bunnin writes (Beren contributed the chapter on "The Author and the Business of Publishing"), there is no such thing as a standard book contract. In fact, he says, "virtually without exception, publishers willingly change contracts at the author’s request." Bunnin proceeds to lead his readers, line by line over 63 pages, through every single element of a publishing contract, including the grants-of-rights clause; warranties and indemnities; royalties, revisions, and remainders; and "all that incomprehensible, apparently unimportant stuff at the back of the contract." Whether or not you’ve retained a literary lawyer to work on your behalf, you’ll want a book such as this on your shelves, to refer to when you need advice on avoiding defamatory statements, protecti

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