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Promot aplikasi or web.YOUTUBER


i have 92 thousand suscriber !

My name: OKY ASM i’m youtuber promot aplikasi or WEB !

I really like your application. And I have a lot player and application user / WEB

I have 92 thousand customers and investors on my YouTube channel.

I like to promote APPLICATIONS or WEB / games and anything in my channel.
but I need proof of payment so all my friends see and are sure that you are paying. And that is very important to me!
if you prove your application / web is paying me then it will be proof for me and my friends. You give me proof of payment so I will give you lots of investors and as many deposits / downloads as possible.

30 $: to 60 thousand downloads
50 $: to 80 thousand downloads
100 $: and then

so. let’s work together and be mutually beneficial. and my friend is ready to deposit $ 100 _500 $ into it. do what I ask. then I will do what you ask well

Addition: I can also sell APPLICATIONS AND WEBSITES. if you want your application to be sold, I have many application buyers or WEBs that are ready to buy at high cost

please check my channel: http: //

my support email: [email protected] My Facebook:

rule: me and the team will only promote the application or the web that has given a prize before the promotion of a minimum of $ 25!

I can receive payments via the Paypal or BITCOIN crypto wallet. AMAZON. and much more. Let’s work together to help each other and work honestly and well. If you are interested, then answer this message and I start working with my team! Greetings team Youtuber ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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